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jVLT - a vocabulary learning tool

Menu Entries

The File Menu

Creates a new dictionary. As jVLT can only manage one dictionary at the same time, you have to save the current dictionary before.

Launches a dialog that lets you open a dictionary.

File->Open Recent
Opens a submenu showing the most recently opened files. Selecting one menu item results in directly opening the corresponding file.

This command saves your dictionary.

File->Save As
Saves a dictionary letting you specify a custom file name and location.

File->Print, File->Print Preview
Printing is described here.

Opens a dialog that lets you import a dictionary given either in jvlt format or in CSV (comma separated values) format.

Opens a dialog that lets you export words and examples into a file either in jvlt format or in CSV (comma separated values) format.

Exit the application. If the currently opened dictionary has been modified, you will be asked whether it should be saved.

The Edit Menu

Undo the last command that changed the contents of the dictionary. Such commands are adding, editing and removing words or examples, and applying the results of a quiz.

Redo the last undo step.

Edit the dictionary properties. There is currently only one property, language. Setting the language is optional, it only determines which custom fields (gender of nouns, conjugation of verbs etc.) you can set in the advanced dialog for words.

The Tools Menu

Tools->Reset stats
This menu item opens a dialog that lets you remove the statistics (last quizzed, number of mistakes, etc.) for all words or for only those words currently displayed in the word list (you can use a filter to reduce the words displayed there).

Tools->Show error log
By selecting this menu entry, you can open a dialog showing error messages produced by jVLT. Normally the dialog should be empty, but if you notice some unexpected behavior (e.g., when pressing a button nothing happens), you can look at the error log and send its content to the author.

This command lets you edit some settings.

The Help Menu

Help->jVLT Help
This command opens a new window displaying the jVLT manual.

Help->About jVLT
This will display version and author information.